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RFID Gate Access Control System

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is a technology that uses radio waves to identify things. Nowadays, Malaysians are familiar with this technology for passing tolls with an RFID tag on their cars. But the technology can have more applications. We use it in security systems to control access to barrier gates, offices, or facilities.



Reliability in RFID Gate Technology

RFID gates are more commonly seen nowadays in commercial or residential buildings. With the ultra-high frequency (UHF) technology coming along with the RFID gate, it has been the go-to solution for many building or parking management companies. It is so much more reliable in terms of reading and can work in any environment that could interfere with other disturbances in radio frequency. And, of course, the ease of installation makes the application much more convenient for both the user and the management company.


Convenience and Security in Commercial Settings

Our customers deserve the highest level of support, and we work tirelessly to maintain those standards. When you choose to work with our team, know that you are consistently choosing quality and excellence. Customer service is at the heart of everything that we do.

RFID Gate Control System Rental

Marcotel offers a rental-based model for all our RFID gate control systems. The barrier gate with the RFID gate access control system starts with just the monthly rental of RM1,000. We are making it accessible to everyone so they can enjoy the ease of this technology without breaking the bank. With no installation fees and a low deposit, you can start enjoying the technology that comes with the latest UHF technology. Rest assured that maintenance and warranty are also included in the service, so you can have peace of mind working with us.

SAFECOM Encrypted RFIXclone's

SAFECOM Encrypted RFID Reader is one of our product lineups' best RFID access controls. It has adopted the latest ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID technology, allowing the receiver to be detected from a longer distance. The receiver is a chip-like device that can be designed for inlineups. It can be designed as conventional card access, the employee nametag, or even any other items, as it can fit in the fingertip-sized chip for receiving the radio waves. The most common application for the SAFECOM Encrypted RFID Reader is used in the parking entrance, where it can detect vehicles with chips.  


With extension research & meticulously adjusted to the best application, the SAFECOM Encrypted RFID Reader has a stable and consistent reading performance, and it could work perfectly under low electrical current and various temperatures. The device also comes with a waterproof outer shell design to prolong its lifespan and reduce the influence of its reading from the external environment. SAFECOM Encrypted RFID Reader is certified by various industry and international standards, meeting CE, FCC, SIRIM, MCMC requirements, and more.

Get Your RFID Gate Access Control System Today

Talk to us today to learn how to start having your RFID gate access control system that begins with RM1,000!

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