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License Plate Recognition Camera System


License plate recognition, or LPR technology, adopts the OCR (optical character recognition) to be used in the camera to quickly capture the image of a vehicle's license plate and read the alphabet and the number on the license plate. Although the OCR is not new, license plate recognition technology has only become common in Malaysia in recent years. Looking back into history, the LPR technology started to be used by police and enforcement departments, and only in recent years did the technology become more accessible and affordable. Shopping malls and other building management adopt it with their parking barrier gate system.

Streamlining Access Control

The applications for license plate recognition can be versatile. For example, building management can pre-register a vehicle with access, such as a season pass vehicle, to quickly pass through the barrier gate by scanning the vehicle number plate with the license plate recognition camera system. If the plate number matches the pre-registered one in the system or database, the barrier gate will lift and allow entrance. Another example is where the shopping mall can use it to ease the traffic at its parking entrance and exit, integrating it with its payment system. No matter the application, the objective is to make control access and traffic more effective and efficient.

How Does License Plate Recognition Work?

OCR Technology

The LPR works in pairs with the OCR technology. It works best with a barrier gate system where the vehicle is approached and stopped, and the license plate recognition camera captures the license plate image to process the alphabet and the number.

Fast & High Accuracy

The LPR is designed to be very reliable in detecting and reading the plate number quickly and highly accurately, working perfectly in most weather and lighting conditions, allowing a streamlined traffic flow.

Customized Integration

The LPR technology can be easily customized and integrated into many different applications, from integration with the database to allowing specific vehicle entrance, payment systems, or other security applications.

Cost Effective

LPR technology is becoming more accessible nowadays, and with the rental-based model offered by Marcotel, you can quickly adopt the technology, enhance your security system, and streamline your traffic flow.

Why Choose Us?

Accessibility and Reliability

Marcotel's revolutionized rental-based model has made security systems and solutions accessible to everyone. When restricted by financial constraints, one should not compromise one's safety, making us the go-to security system provider.

Outstanding Quality

Whether supplying barrier gates or an integrated total security system, Marcotel always maintains quality. Our team upholds a high standard regarding our products and security systems, ensuring peace of mind for our customers.

Experts Consultation

Customers approaching our team will get a full expert consultation and tailored security systems and solutions that best suit their safety needs. We believe in providing the right solutions rather than simply supplying security systems.


Integrate License Plate Recognition Camera System Today

Talk to our team of experts at Marcotel to learn how to integrate the license plate recognition camera into your parking or security system. We're ready to propose and consult the best-fit solution tailored to your needs!

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