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Lift Access Control System

A lift access control system controls which floor the lift can access. It's commonly paired with an access card, and it's commonly seen in residential buildings where the residents of a specific floor can only access their floor and can't access others. In commercial use cases, hotels and office buildings will opt for this security system to enhance the security of their guests or tenants. The lift access system has hardware and software integrated into the lift to control passenger access. At the same time, the lift card access system can also be used along with the guest system, where the front desk of an office building can create a temporary access card that allows guests to access a specific floor.

Lift Access System Rental

Marcotel offers a rental-based lift access system for our customers. They can subscribe to the lift access control system rental for only RM700/mo. The rental service includes free installation, warranty, maintenance, and spare part replacement. In an emergency? Our system allows emergency bypassing, enabling you to handle critical situations efficiently.

Lift Access Control System Features

Access Levels and Permission

Our lift access control system allows you to set specific access points for individual access cards. Based on your pre-set permission, the card's user can only access specific floors when using the lift. It also allows you to set access to one or multiple floors.

Ease of Monitoring & Management

The lift access control has user-friendly software that allows you or the team to monitor and manage access easily. From creating a new card and setting access permission to creating a temporary guest card, the software makes it all quick and easy.

Anti-Cloning Access Card

Our lift card access control system is equipped with anti-cloning technology to prevent unauthorized access to restricted floors when using the lift. This anti-cloning technology enhances the security of the usage and gives you peace of mind with our system.

Affordable Initial Investment

The monthly cost for one lift access begins at RM700, making it an affordable alternative for those who want to improve their security without breaking the bank. When you work with Marcotel for your lift access control system, you can be certain that there will be no hidden costs and free installation.

Can't Wait to Start with Our Lift Access Control System?

Contact us today to learn more about our monthly lift card access control system rental. With Marcotel, you can now better control your building's security!

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