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Access Control Reader System

An access control reader system, known as an access reader, is a physical device used in a security system that controls the entry of a building or office. It's a standard security device deployed in most offices at their front door or to rooms or areas where they want to restrict access. One can only enter through the door with an access reader if they have the card to scan through the reader to open the door. Often, the access reader opts with RFID or IP-based technology to detect the chips in the access card. These readers can also be used in parking access to control traffic entry or exit, allowing only vehicles with card or RFID tag access to lift the barrier gate. 

Types of Access Control Reader

At Marcotel, we offer our customers the best readers in the industry. Each reader is well-tested and can fit different needs and requirements. All our readers come with anti-duplication technology to prevent unauthorized admission. With our rental-based model, you can also get a reader to equip the security system for your office or facilities.


The ST-1200MF is one of our primary access control readers. It is equipped with three modes—S1, S2, and S3—for different use cases, whether or not it requires a specified passcode, and to cope with users from 2,000 to 65,000+. The ST-1200MF has two built-in relays for opening the door and an external output of 24V/5A and is packed with many other security features.

ZKteco TCP/IP Access Controller

The ZKteco TCP/IP Access Controller is our product lineup's IP-based Door Access Control. It can support up to 30,000 users, store up to 100,000 events in the system, and prevent data loss during a power outage. It is designed with advanced access control, including first-card opening, multi-card opening, duress password entry, and auxiliary input/output linkages. The ZKteco TCP/IP Access Controller is also packed with other security features for maximum protection.

SAFECOM Encrypted RFID Reader

The SAFECOM Encrypted RFID Reader uses a new generation of ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID technology capable of long-distance card reading. It can manage access for personnel, products, and even vehicles. This multi-application reader fits various applications, from offices and industrial areas to parking lots. The reliability of the technology to work in almost any environment and distraction in the surroundings also made this a popular choice for many who look for maximum protection and peace of mind.

MAG Xclone Reader AR300U

The AR300U Xclone is one of the best technology advancements offered by MAG. It comes with dual security protection of anti-clone and seek card function. It can detect readings of cards or chips up to 10m range, making it a perfect choice for parking lots or vehicle entry or exit management. The technology uses 919 Mhz to 923 Mhz frequency for reading, which SIRIM approves while complying with Malaysia's regulations.

Why Choose Us

Accessibility and Reliabilit

Marcotel's revolutionized rental-based model has made security systems and solutions accessible to everyone. When restricted by financial constraints, one should not compromise one's safety, making us the go-to security system provider.

Outstanding Quality

Whether supplying barrier gates or an integrated total security system, Marcotel always maintains quality. Our team upholds a high standard regarding our products and security systems, ensuring peace of mind for our customers.

Experts Consultation

Customers approaching our team will get a full expert consultation and tailored security systems and solutions that best suit their safety needs. We believe in providing the right solutions rather than simply supplying security systems.

Maximize the Security with an Access Control Reader

Contact us today to see how you can get peace of mind with our access control reader that fits your security needs and requirements. With our rental-based model, everyone deserves a well-equipped security system.

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