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An automatic barrier arm gate is a shared access barrier gate system. Malaysians would be familiar with them as it's commonly seen at every entrance. The function of an arm barrier gate is simple - it's meant to control the access of vehicles & traffic flow. The automatic barrier arm gates are commonly designed to handle heavy-duty workloads. Some come with shorter arms that are meant to control the access of motorcycles or smaller vehicles or the standard length for car access. For industrial use cases, the arm would span 12 meters, with two units of barrier gate system for controlling the access of trucks or large vehicles.


Automatic Barrier Arm Gates

Versatile Applications in Access Control

The most common application that you see the arm barrier gate is at the entrance of the parking lot of a shopping mall or any other building. It's commonly integrated with the automatic ticketing parking system or even the License plate recognition technology that allows mobile or online payment methods. And, of course, remember that every day, you will pass on automatic rising arm barriers when you pass the toll on the highway.

MAG Telescopic Arm Barrier Gate

The MAG BR630T Telescopic Arm Barrier Gate is one of our lineups' best arm barrier gates. It is known for its 3-second speed in raising the arm quickly. It's an affordable solution for handling a medium traffic flow, especially popular for parking uses. It also comes with a telescopic arm barrier that allows further extension of its arm up to 4.5 meters with a swing-out function.

Why Getting An Automatic Barrier Arm Gates

Enhanced Security

Having an automatic barrier gate can quickly improve your security. With the proper integration with other parking or entrance/exit systems, it can run by itself with minimal human intervention 24/7. Hence, it is the go-to choice for most parking management who want an automatic system.

Improved Traffic Flow

The fast rise of the automatic rising arm barrier streamlines traffic flow by effectively controlling the entry and exit points while keeping your security in place. You can now get both—a smooth user experience and an ideal security system.

Reliable & Efficiency

Automatic barrier arm gates have been used extensively in the market for a long time. The technology and system are being innovated and improved to be very reliable. They also allow you to integrate with another system you own easily!

Get Your Automatic Rising Arm Barriers with Marcotel

Are you looking to enhance your security with the manageable option of an arm barrier gate for your parking or access control system? Talk to our team at Marcotel today, and let us craft the right solutions to integrate into your system.

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