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Marcotel - Best Barrier Gate Rental Provider

Marcotel Enterprise is a trusted security system provider located in Kuala Lumpur. With nearly two decades of experience, Marcotel has been serving customers from different backgrounds - be it private sector, government projects, commercial, or residential -providing quality security systems and integration solutions to help fulfill our security needs.


What We do as a security system provider ?


Innovative Rental Business Model

What makes Marcotel stand out is our rental business model for security systems. Customers can opt for long-term rental to ease their financial budgets when selecting the right solution to protect their safety and property with a well-equipped security system. Our company has built a large base of loyal customers who trust us.

Commitment to Accessibility and Reliability

Marcotel's commitment is to provide a reliable security solution to the market, making security available to everybody. Regardless of the scale of your project, Marcotel's security solutions are adapted to your requirements, giving you peace of mind and safety.

Dedicated Customer-Centric Approach

Another factor that has made Marcotel the preferred security system provider for almost two decades is our team's commitment to giving the best solutions to our clients. At Marcotel, we take the time to analyze, research, and consult the most suitable security solutions for your needs.

Your Trusted Security Systems & Solutions

Marcotel is a one-stop security system provider offering many security systems and solutions. Ranging from CCTV surveillance systems, barrier gates, license plate readers, lift access, alarm security systems, fingerprint access systems, and other readers & controllers. These solutions can be designed and catered to all ranges of security needs in both commercial and residential contexts.

Commitment to Uncompromising Quality and Security

Marcotel is committed to offering clients high-quality, well-tested security systems and solutions. We embrace the principle that quality and security must not be compromised. Our team goes to great lengths to ensure our systems and solutions satisfy the most excellent standards. To maintain the highest standard, every product used at Marcotel is rigorously tested and examined to ensure it meets or exceeds all industry requirements. Marcotel recognizes that our consumers deserve nothing less than the finest and is committed to fulfilling that promise.


Secure Your Peace of Mind with Marcotel

Experience peace of mind with Marcotel's revolutionary rental concept, personalized solutions, and customer-centric attitude. Protect yourself, your loved one, and your property with our high-quality, extensively tested security systems and solutions. Contact us today to find out how we can handle your security needs!

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A-0-3, Jalan 12/144A,
Taman Bukit Cheras,
56000 Kuala Lumpur

Marcotel Enterprise
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