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About Us

Marcotel Enterprise - established nearly two decades ago, is now a trusted name in the security system industry. Our team has been involved in projects and security solutions designed for various projects, including government projects for the private sector and commercial and residential properties. Our commitment to reliable security solutions has won us many loyal customers. Besides that, the company also offers a revolutionary rental-based security solution to the market. Customers of all sizes can now enjoy the best-fit security system without a heavy financial burden. And you can, too, afford the one that protects your safety and property without a lump sum investment to go with it. With this, customers can choose the complete solutions without compromising security, giving them peace of mind.

Barrier Gate Supplier in Malaysia

Apart from the exceptional quality & reliability of the security systems & solutions provided, Marcotel is significantly well-known as the prominent barrier gate supplier in Malaysia. With our focus on delivering a wide variety of barrier gate solutions, ranging from the standard arm barrier gate, boom barrier gate, and ranger barrier gate - we are giving customers the right choice for their security needs. Besides that, Marcotel is also the first few in the market to adopt and introduce the Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, making us the go-to barrier gate supplier.

Why Choose Us

Accessibility and Reliability

Marcotel's revolutionized rental-based model has made security systems and solutions accessible to everyone. When restricted by financial constraints, one should not compromise one's safety, making us the go-to security system provider.

Outstanding Quality

Whether supplying barrier gates or an integrated total security system, Marcotel always maintains quality. Our team upholds a high standard regarding our products and security systems, ensuring peace of mind for our customers.

Experts Consultation:

Customers approaching our team will get a full expert consultation and tailored security systems and solutions that best suit their safety needs. We believe in providing the right solutions rather than simply supplying security systems

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Get Full Protection from The Leading Barrier Gate Supplier

Talk to our team today. Whether you're looking for total security system solutions or a barrier gate supplier, we can provide the right solutions!

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A-0-3, Jalan 12/144A,
Taman Bukit Cheras,
56000 Kuala Lumpur


Marcotel Enterprise
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