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Boom Barrier System Rental

Considering getting a boom barrier system for a swift and effective solution to control traffic or protect an area? These convenient blockades suit every scenario, from busy event entry points to private parking areas. They can be set up quickly and easily anywhere you require without a lot of trouble or mess.


Renting a boom barrier from us is very simple. Let us know your location and time, and we will take care of everything else to ensure it integrates well with your existing security system. Additionally, when you rent, there is no need to stress about long-lasting obligations or taking care of the equipment and system; we handle all the maintenance work for you!


Whether dealing with a spike of visitors or just having a standard setup for your building or property, our boom barriers can handle the job. What are you waiting for? Talk to us and have our expert at Marcotel help you with your security needs today!

Advantages of having Boom Barrier System

Enhanced Security

Our boom barrier setup is perfect for managing who gets into your property, keeping away people not allowed and enhancing your overall security. And it can also be easily integrated into your existing security system too!


Our boom barriers are built for frequent usage and can tolerate even the harshest environments and weather, ensuring that the access control remains operational 24/7 all year long.


Our adaptable rental options allow you to enhance security without high start-up expenses, whether you are managing an event for a short time or looking to have it for a permanent location.

Why You Should Rent from Us ?

Customization is Key
  • We understand that every customer's requirement is different. That's why we provide boom barrier options you can adjust. Whether you need a small parking area or a big factory plant, we design our systems to suit your needs so they work well with your site's operation.

Always Here to Help
  • When you rent from us, we are with you. Our committed help team can be reached by phone and will assist with setup, maintenance, or any questions about how to use our products. We make sure that your boom barriers can always work perfectly, giving you a hassle-free operation.

Budget-Friendly Solutions
  • We believe that having good security should not break the bank. So, we make sure our rental choices do not cost too much money. You can use the best boom barrier systems without paying a hefty fee.


Boom Barrier Supplier That You Can Trust

Do you need a trustworthy boom barrier supplier? Talk to our team at Marcotel today to find out more about our rental options. We are ready to provide the finest solutions that suit your security needs.

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